Friday, February 6, 2009

My Baby is having a baby!!!

I am getting soooo nervous. Brandi's inducement is getting closer. I am so ready to see little Nathan and see what the Lord will do in his life. But it also terrifies me too. Is this normal? We have been so blessed in our family to have healthy babies, so this is so new.

Brandi and Neil have some friends who are having a baby, there is a problem with their baby's heart too. She was suppose to go in on the 10th to be induced in Birmingham also. She started having contractions last night. She went to a local hospital here, and today they took her by ambulance to Birmingham to have the baby today. Brandi is so worried this will happen to her also. We need to be in Birmingham for her to have the baby so the cardiologist will be there.

The crazy girl moved her baby bed the other night to get a sheet on. I told her, "Thats a good way to go early". She said, "I didn't think about that. And its one of those grow with you beds, not the lightest thing. Now my daughter is very smart in book sense, she just lacks a little of the common sense. I don't think she'll be doing that again.

I try to keep myself busy, when I don't think about it, my anxiety level stays down. Just pray for me too as we get through this. Because MY BABY IS HAVING A BABY!!!! What an amazing will make it though. Maybe this will help me lose some weight or at least some fingernails. I will keep you updated. Thanks and God bless, Debbie

UPDATE: Brandi's friend made it to Birmingham to have the baby, but her husband and parents didn't...she was alone. Brandi was upset, she's afraid the same thing will happen to her.
I gotta keep remembering...God is Good....all the time. D

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  1. Relax. The things that never happen worry us most! She's gonna be fine!