Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hanging in there

We are still hanging in there. The last few days have been more of a waiting period. The swelling on the outside of his body has come down to almost normal. But there is still fluids on his lungs, which has been a problem from the beginning. The surgeon wants to wait for the fluids to clear up before he puts the other shunt in. He's thinking later in the week or the first of the next week. If he cannot make it that long and they have to do it sooner, the surgery will be riskier. I am asking prayer now for the fluids to clear up so that there will not be a problem with putting the shunt in by going in his side. If they do it sooner they might have to go through his chest again. I will have to be honest here, we have been so blessed through our lives, this is probably the most trying time any one of us have been through.

My grandson is so special to me already. He was two weeks old on Thursday. My daughter is so ready to be a mother. My heart aches for her. She longs to hold him again, but until after the next surgery, that will not be possible. So she touches him and talks to him whenever she can. He knows our voices, and when he is not medicated he moves and tries to open his eyes. My prayer is that the fluids decrease, and they do the surgery through his side to put the shunt in. I ask for all your prayers for this also. Please pass this along to anyone you know that will pray. Through God all things are possible. Thank you, Debbie


  1. Deb, Oh yes, All things are possible through God! Continuing to pray and have faith! In Jesus Name! Nancy

  2. God works miracles every day! He is able! Joining you in prayer. God bless you all!

  3. Debbie, I'm so sorry that you are all having to go through this difficult time, especially baby Nathan. I will join you all in lifting him up in prayer asking that God heals this precious baby so that he can finally be home with his loving parents. God bless you all.