Thursday, September 26, 2013


I kept thinking my mantel needed something else.  Today is craft day with Layla with the Lettered Cottage, so I thought I would make a banner.  It was very simple, I used everything I had on hand.

 photo e88c778b-92f2-46b3-986c-b529b2d96c30.jpg

I used small clothes pins to hang each banner on the jute string.

    photo a7e53dae-d74b-4345-abf0-0a2051a3b4e9.jpg

    photo 2a9f3ce5-a72b-463c-a472-3a39f7b01fc8.jpg

 photo c427b537-67c6-48ac-a172-f7d49b436471.jpg

There's my craft for the fall season.  I am blessed!!

Blessings, Debbie

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


I love this time of year. of course the weather doesn't realize it is fall yet. But it will, I can't wait!!
Here is a close up of my mantel. I love neutrals but I also love the fall colors, so I have to add them in.
Here is my mantel...

            photo bd0d0f26-7538-4930-b96c-929814f82f97.jpg

It's always a challenge to decorate around a TV, but my husband won't give it up ;-).

    photo 376b4e7a-34b9-401a-a8a2-af139db90b23.jpg

Well, I like it too...

    photo 16c70e69-6fa2-422a-bbff-3641e3426a69.jpg

    photo a5cd346b-463d-4f15-9516-875de89d1c94.jpg

   photo 438bd29b-1fe5-424f-8b87-3fafec721a42.jpg

 photo 129806de-b0e4-4954-99d4-24963e7e1b8d.jpg

    photo 17c0cd6f-c304-4c61-8905-3ee4b4db12d8.jpg

This is one of my favorite pieces that my husband gave me.

         photo a083836f-f437-47c3-8f99-f9b0ad9b4db2.jpg

   photo b81a277e-8722-4c5a-be9c-aaaf0887d2d7.jpg

Well, that's my fall mantel.  I will show my dining room next.

I'm joining the fall party at Sarah's, Go check out all the great fall mantels!

Blessings, Debbie

Friday, September 20, 2013

Fall and starting again!!!

I have been thinking about blogging again for a while, just sometimes you don't know where to  start. Well, fall is the start of my favorite time of the year ending with Christmas. I've seen so much inspiration for fall out there and love it. So I thought I would start with showing some of my fall decorations.

I will start with my family room, which is where we spend most of our time!

 photo d3240200-366d-4081-95f9-6ddc0418cea9.jpg  photo 0c316e74-88a2-4b50-b3e9-aa9dc9412279.jpg  photo ab95a1a4-80fd-4134-9445-19ebf71d4d4a.jpg  photo f9cc87c1-0502-43f4-b5c5-5b7ca8fbf83f.jpg  photo 2b3e6f42-a899-47bd-8ced-0601d0a42cad.jpg  photo 64d0f35d-d311-4bf4-b441-63773661660d.jpg  photo ea2743a7-dd90-425f-bd08-a210bfa7f670.jpg  photo 09ff5986-7e47-4e06-921e-8aab62ccf929.jpg  photo 39935b05-633e-4085-9f32-c367b8bd1afd.jpg
I took these in the evening but I think they turned out ok. Thanks for visiting and I will show the dining room next.

Blessings, Debbie