Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Not perfect pictures

Hi everyone...I've been missing for a while I know, but you know, life.....

Anyway, I received a new camera for christmas, and I definitely need to practice some more on it, but I love it already. I also received this portrait of my grandson for christmas. My favorite gift. I love pictures of my family, its like getting a million bucks in my book.


Here's a close up of this adorable face.....

I've been practicing with my new camera....some are good.....

Some a little blurry....but still very cute, don't you think?

Nathan will be 1 year old on February 12. So hard to believe....so I made him this banner to celebrate.

We are still waiting to see if his heart will start growing with him.....that is our prayer, if it does grow, no more open heart surgeries. Please keep him in your prayers, I would be so grateful.

Another reason I have not been on here much, is because there has been several things going on around here. First, a very good friend, that I have known for almost 35 years, lost her husband...he was 51 years old. That was very hard.

My aunt is fighting colon cancer, we have hope and faith that everything will be fine when everything is done. Her surgery is on Feb. 22, please keep her in your prayers.

And finally, a very good friend of mine is battling breast cancer. The bad thing is the type of cancer she has is reoccuring, and there are cancer cells in other parts of her body. She's taking chemo right now and then will take radiation for the breast cancer after that. She's having a hard time taking the chemo, please keep her in your prayers also.

Thanks and blessings, Debbie