Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Just A Little Update

Please continue praying for Brandi, Neil and little Nathan. We go on the 23rd of February to induce Brandi. We are expecting a miracle, but whatever God sees fit for our little one, we know that he is in control. It has been a roller coaster ride for Brandi and Neil. Being first time parents can be very emotional as it is. Having this unknown factor added on can make it a little more. I talked to her last night and told her about little Harper and how Kelly's faith is so strong. I am pleased to say that as of right now, she feels very strongly in her faith and I know that it is because of all your prayers. Thanks for everything and I know that this will be a journey we will not soon forget. Debbie


  1. Thanks for the update...I've updated our Blog's Prayer List...and we will be praying!

    ~Blessings to all...

  2. Please keep us updated. Praying that God's peace would be upon all of you. Praying that Brandi's faith continues to grow through this trial. Of course, praying for God's healing touch.