Tuesday, September 24, 2013


I love this time of year. of course the weather doesn't realize it is fall yet. But it will, I can't wait!!
Here is a close up of my mantel. I love neutrals but I also love the fall colors, so I have to add them in.
Here is my mantel...

            photo bd0d0f26-7538-4930-b96c-929814f82f97.jpg

It's always a challenge to decorate around a TV, but my husband won't give it up ;-).

    photo 376b4e7a-34b9-401a-a8a2-af139db90b23.jpg

Well, I like it too...

    photo 16c70e69-6fa2-422a-bbff-3641e3426a69.jpg

    photo a5cd346b-463d-4f15-9516-875de89d1c94.jpg

   photo 438bd29b-1fe5-424f-8b87-3fafec721a42.jpg

 photo 129806de-b0e4-4954-99d4-24963e7e1b8d.jpg

    photo 17c0cd6f-c304-4c61-8905-3ee4b4db12d8.jpg

This is one of my favorite pieces that my husband gave me.

         photo a083836f-f437-47c3-8f99-f9b0ad9b4db2.jpg

   photo b81a277e-8722-4c5a-be9c-aaaf0887d2d7.jpg

Well, that's my fall mantel.  I will show my dining room next.

I'm joining the fall party at Sarah's, Go check out all the great fall mantels!

Blessings, Debbie