Tuesday, February 23, 2010


What a whirlwind we have been in the last two weeks. Nathan got sick.

We have always been told to keep him out of major places like Walmart, Church, and many other places....and we have. Thats why we were shock that he got so sick.

Last Saturday, out of the blue, Nathan started running fever. It went from 99.4 to 102.8 within 5 minutes. I put him in a bath water, running water all over him for about 2 minutes. I took his temp again, it went down to 98.6. The nurse said if he continued running fever in the night to bring him in the next morning. Which we did.

Because of Nathan's underlying heart condition, we have to be careful and check everything out, thus having a chest xray, blood drawn, urine sample, you get the idea. We were there for over 3 hours. Finally results came back, he had a little pneumonia in his lungs and a urinary tract infection. Doctor gave him a shot of antibiotic, and we are on our way home.

Just minutes after we left, my daughter notice his arm was moving funny, she got in the back with him and his leg was also doing the same thing, he wouldn't look at her or didn't even seem to hear her. I turned around and went straight back. The doctors office is at the hospital. I dropped her off at the door and I go park. The doctors are already gone so straight to the ER she went. By the time she got down there he was limp. Luckily there was a nurse there to take him back. I got there and they were already working on him.

He had a seizure. To make a long story short. He did not have a UTI, but the pneumonia had gone to his spine and turned into meningitus. He was admitted to the hospital and started antibiotics. Now they did not know it was meningitus till 3 days later. The blessing in disguise was they were giving antibiotics for the UTI which was automatically helping the meningitus. There was no swelling or anything. Praise God. He is feeling good again and will be in the hospital till Sunday for antibiotics then he will come home.

What a whirlwind two weeks.

Blessings, Debbie


  1. Oh, Debbie, I am so glad he is OK! I'm so glad that you all are so attentive to his needs; what a blessing that you were able to get back to the hospital so quickly!

    I'll pray that he continues to recover well.

  2. I'm so thankful you have had a good outcome with this situation! It is so hard to see them hurting! I'll keep him in my prayers!

  3. What a difficult time for you all. I hope he is well on the road to recovery and you all can get some rest. I'll be back to see how he is doing. Blessings...Mary