Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Being Thankful

This is such a special time for me. I love this season and time of year. I guess the older I get, my emotions about this holiday changes. Yes, I love the smell of turkey cooking, the coolness in the air, the shopping and even always having something to get done. But, the word says it all...Thanksgiving......oh, I have so much to be thankful for.

I have five wonderful children that make me so very happy. My mother is still with me, how she still can calm my soul. I have the most wonderful husband in the world, and to know that he loves me is priceless. I have 2 grandsons that I adore and 1 who beat the odds...answered prayers.....my life is so full. But the one thing I am most grateful for is that my Lord exists and he is always here for me.

I hope everyone has a great time with family and friends during this holiday and can say that there is something you are thankful for. And also take this season to bless someone else. I truly wish each and everyone a wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving.

Blessings, Debbie


  1. Debbie~I'm strolling in to catch up and especially to wish you and your loved ones a Happy Thanksgiving!
    It's such a wonderful time to stop and reflect on all those we cherish and are truly grateful for.

    Even though our Thanksgiving is very small in number, with hubby and son (we don't count the cat cause she doesn't like turkey). We don't scrimp on the menu...from appetizers to desserts! We will being enjoying tryptophan playoffs!

    Sweet Holiday wishes,

  2. Have a wonderful thanksgiving my friend.

    I pray that Nathan is doing well!

  3. i love hearing others acknowledge their blessings!! sometimes we take the littlest things for granted..

    praying that you have a wonderful day tomorrow

  4. Hope your Thanksgiving was special! So glad babies are well! Enjoy the rest of the holiday season! God bless you and yours!