Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bunny on a Stick


I decided to join in on the party for Bunny on a Stick Show and Tell. When I seen these little bunnies, I knew I had to have some. They are just adorable. Go to Barb's party to see more of these cuties at Grits and Glamour.

So here's mine. I love topiaries and moss. The pots also have the moss on them.

Oh look, here's another one....

A matching set. Here's my table centerpiece with these on either side.

Don't forget to check out Barb's blog for more of these cute things. Debbie

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Flaunt your Red

This is my first Flaunt your Red hosted by Nancy-Southern Lady.
Flaunt your Red Party

Go check out her blog for other Flaunt your Red and an awesome blog.

I've noticed a lot of us girls out here in blogland have roosters. Well, I am no exception, I love roosters. Here is my favorite that my mom gave me several years ago. It has a little red on it.


Next, this is the rooster lamp my hubby got me. Most of the time I just have to suggest that I want something, and he will do his best to get it for me.


Here are some more roosters on plates. They are surrounded by red.

Here is a close up of one....


Here is a cute little birdhouse that just had to be put in my decor....


This floor lamp, I am really proud of what I paid for this one. They still have it at Target for $69.99, got it at Dirt Cheap for....drum roll please..... $12.99. Still in the box and nothing wrong with it. Gotta love it..... also love the pillows on my chair. Love to use throw pillows anywhere.


Last but not least, here is a metal piece that hangs in my family room....the flash brightened it a little......

Well, I hope you enjoyed a little tour of my reds. Don't forget to check out Nancy's blog and more Flaunt your Red. Debbie

Friday, March 27, 2009

Changing the use of things

I did not start this blog just for the birth of my grandson, but it just happen to start up at the time where he was the center of everything. I thank you for listening to me and praying for him at this time. He will be coming home soon, hopefully next week and I will let you know as soon as he does.

But now that things are a lot better, there are a lot of other things I do like to talk about. Like.... decorating, trash to treasure, shopping and just about anything you can think of. I would like to start with this for now. I found this at a yard sale one early Saturday morning, of course it was not black and needed a major cleaning where it had been sitting in a corner somewhere for who knows how long.

I spray painted it black, love that spray paint, and believe it or not, I found some round red candles at a yard sale still in the packaging to put in them. I've got this hanging in my foyer right now, but my mind started running ninety to nothing.

The word is cloche. I love them, don't have a one, so I thought about it. They are very hard to find around here, but I'm hopeful. With my mind whirling I took one down and turned it over and voila.....there was a cloche. But I needed something to put it on. See, its not very big but oh so cute. So today I was going around to some of my favorite shops and I came across this......
The lady said it was suppose to be a margarita glass but the hole is so small and its not very tall. I was thinking this might work perfect for a pedastal for my cloche.
And it fit perfectly. I paid $2.00 for this and I think it looks great. Now I have to find something to decorate with inside of it. Any suggestions? I would love to find a little birds nest to fit in there with some little eggs. I'll keep looking till I find the perfect thing! I have two more of those little cloches too. Debbie

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The light at the end of the tunnel

Nathan is so close to coming home. He's feeding from a bottle really well. The main thing now is that he starts gaining weight. They upped his calories to make up for the calories he is burning by feeding himself instead of a tube and also being held burns calories. Wish that was true for us as adults, the weight I could lose...lol. Anyway, hopefully he will start gaining instead of losing, that is mainly the last step for him coming home. Brandi was able to dress him for the first time a couple of nights ago. Here is his first outfit she put on:

She bought newborn, washed them and thought these may be too little. When she put them on, it swallowed him. He's only 6 lbs right now. He was born weighing 6 lbs 6 ozs. He had gotten down to 5 lbs 9 ozs. After she fed him, gave him a bath and dressed him and wrapped him up he fell right asleep. Look at my angel.

Can't wait for them to get home. Have a blessed day. Debbie

Monday, March 16, 2009

~We've come a long way baby~

Nathan is doing better everyday. Its so wonderful to be moving ahead instead of backwards. The Lord has been so good. My daughter has been able to hold him again after two weeks of not being able to. I can here my daughter in her voice again, if you know what I mean. I was talking to her last night and she was telling me all the good things that were going on, and she said "Mom, I love him so much." It just brought tears to my eyes. We probably talk 3-4 times a day. She has wanted to be a mom. He's now on room oxygen, he still has a picc line in, probably till he gets to a room where they can stay with him. She should be able to feed him tonight or in the morning with a bottle if he continues doing good.

This is mommy holding him again.

They say he won't even hardly have a scar. He's getting closer to coming home...woohoo!!

This has been a journey that we never expected, but it has made us stronger in many ways, including our faith. There may be other trials along the way, but we know through God we can make it. I want to thank everyone again for your prayers and thoughtfulness. Debbie

Friday, March 13, 2009


Nathan is off the ventilator!!!!!!!! That is one step closer to him coming home. They are still trying to get his lungs stronger, so we continue to pray for that. He is sucking his pacifier, so he must be ready for a bottle. They dip his pacifier in sugar water and he just loves it. He is still on a little oxygen, but as his lungs get stronger that should come off. I know this is all I'm blogging about right now, but its hard to think of anything else right now. Thank you for your continued prayers. Debbie

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Recovering but......

Well, I have been home for a couple of weeks now, and my baby and her baby are still at UAB. The doctors have said that Nathan is on the road to recovery, but he still has a ways to go. One thing that kept bothering us was the fact that he still has fluid on his lungs. Last night they finally figured it out. There was something in his heart that was punctured when he had his surgery. They told my daughter that this was very common because the heart is so small. There is a special formula that they give him instead of breast milk. The formula is not as strong as the breast milk so it doesn't work this area as hard so it has time to heal. If the formula doesn't work then they have a medicine to try. If both fail, there will be an additional surgery to repair it. Please pray that it will be healed without any additional surgery. Hopefully he will be getting the ventilator taken off this week and start feeding by mouth next week. They will probably be there another three or four weeks. We have the flu going around at my house, so I can't even go visit right now. Even with all this, I praise my Lord, and I thank him for everything he has already done. Debbie

Sunday, March 8, 2009

First Baptist Church in Maryville, IL

I write my new post today with a sad and heavy heart. My cousin Paul is a youth pastor at First Baptist Church in Maryville, IL, where a man came in the church with a gun and a knife and went to the pastor and shot him. He did not survive. Several of the men jumped him and brought him down, a couple of them were injured also. Paul is devastated over this as is the congregation. He has taken this very hard since he seen the whole thing happen. I am asking prayer for him and his family and the people of this church. There are people in route right now headed there to help them in this time. It is so good to know you can count on God's people in whatever problem comes our way to be there and help in whatever way they can even if it just praying, which prayer is not taken lightly at all. Thank you, Debbie

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Everything is Beautiful

I hope everyone has been enjoying this beautiful weather. I'm sure not all has had it, but its coming. Spring is near and my grandson is getting nearer to being home. Hopefully just another week or so. He had lost down to 5 lbs 9 ozs after being born 6 lbs 6 ozs, but he is gaining again. Still nothing by mouth but we hope that changes tomorrow. It has been a slow process with him, with several different setbacks, but he is very strong, he is already showing whose boss. I will keep you posted how things develop. People are amazing, even the ones that know nothing about you. If they hear there's a problem, they will pray. Its a feel good kinda thing. Thats where the brothers and sisters in Christ comes from. Thank you, thank you everyone who has prayed for my grandson and continue to do so. I can't say thank you enough. I don't have any updated pictures as yet. But when he gets home, watch out. Someone wanted a pic with his grandma, so here it is.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Joy Comes In The Morning

Today has been the most fabulous day ever. We finally got the news we've been waiting on and I have been smiling all day. The Lord is good! Nathan's shunt is working. They will take him off the ventilator tomorrow and start feeding him. This will be the first time anything has gone through his mouth. The doctor said he is on the road to recovery. I want to thank everyone who has prayed for him and said kind words and thoughts. Nathan has shown everyone that he is the boss. I knew he would be anyway. They will be at UAB for another week or so, but he should be home soon. Isn't that wonderful news? Brandi and Neil are finally breathing a little easier, as is his grandmother.

While we have been at UAB, there are many babies with heart problems and had heart surgery, but with multiple other problems. There was one that had 7 other problems and they were told she wouldn't live past a year. It was so hard just to go through heart surgery with Nathan, but God revealed so much to me through this time also. I praise Him that his heart was the only problem Nathan has. It could be so much more, so I thank God right now for my precious grandson and I praise him....amen!!!! Thanks again and I'll keep you updated for the HOMECOMING!!!